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scoot scoot scoot

Look at this cute little fucker go
Master Post *updated through July 2014*
Master Post *updated through July 2014*

how the fuck do cats even work

Etsy store!!

I’ve had a fair few reblogs on my book of shadows pages so i’ve decided to create a digital download version of some of my pages.

My store is MagickMoonbeam, if you’re interested head on over :)

vitaminchibi asked:
hi Joanna ^_^ just passing by! hope all is well. i just read your "About Me" and i must say you seem to be an awesome person! i admire your sense of style and also your creativity. i saw that your favorite music genre is symphonic metal; do you listen to Epica or Within Temptation by any chance?

hey chibi :D thankyou so much for your kind words :D i do! i do! i have loved within temptation since i was say 15 haha im so happy because i can finally sing some of there tunezz :D